Battery pack


Baterijski paket

The battery pack is made with lithium polymer technology.

It is distinguished by its high concentration of energy in a small volume and at low weight.

Suitable for use in electrically powered vehicles or vessels.

Due to its innovative design, we can simply build larger energy systems by connecting the battery packs parallel and/or sequential.

Cell control is performed with a intelligent battery management system that is embedded in the package.

You can look at the status of the cells and monitor them on a display, which is a part of the system.


Technical characteristics of the battery pack

Absolute data for the pack

Dimensions 70mm x 250mm x 310mm
Weight 10kg
Nominal capacity 42Ah
Nominal voltege 47,5V
Maximum charging voltage 54,6V
Minimum voltage 32,5V
Maximum energy 2293,2Wh